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Kettering Aquatics


*****5 STAR RATING*****

01536 417272

Open 7 Days a Week!

Welcome to Kettering Aquatics.

Our promise to our customers is to provide the best quality and healthiest livestock available. With over 20 years experience with Tropical and Marine fish keeping the best help is at hand.

We have a great range of tropical fish to suit any size of aquarium, from live bearers to cichlids, barbs or catfish, L number plecs, loaches and lots more.  

We also stock a huge range of marine fish, inverts and corals to help you make your aquarium look like the reef you dreamed of.

We have a great range of coldwater fish, a massive selection of dry goods including tanks and stands, dry food, frozen food and live food, water treatments,additives and supplements, lighting and equipment, live plants and lots more.

When it comes to aquariums we have the complete package! Off the shelf and do yourself to custom built to your specification, delivered and installed!